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Toy with Her

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Toy with Her

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Since the last time we were together we have been making a lot of plans for the next time we are together. We have a list and not just because she loves lists. But so we can plan the best use of our time together. I have a plan that isn’t on the list, well, at least not yet.

I want to play a game, with her. I want to use at least one toy on her. The dice? They are to help decide what happens. I will have an assortment of toys and the first roll of the dice will be to determine which part of her body I will use the toy on. I will mark her body with numbers so that there is no question where the toy will be used. That needs to be first so I know what toys I can choose from for the next part of the game.

Then of course now that the range of toys has been narrowed I can roll to see which of those will be used on her. I think if I roll doubles I will get to pick two toys to use on her luscious body. I wonder if she has a preference? Not that it matters, I am not choosing, the dice are are. Luck or fate or destiny will determine what happens.

Now that we know where and what, it is time to find out how long. How long will I use these toys on her. Will she get a dildo, or a vibrator? A whip, or a paddle? Will I beat her bottom? Her breasts? Will I fill her ass, or her cunt, or both? And of course, how long will it be that she (and I) get to enjoy this. Will it be long enough for her to come? Will it be long enough to leave the marks that we both crave?

Only the dice will know and during the whole thing the toy that matters to me the most is the one I am playing the game with.

My obedient little slut, my toy.


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