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I want her to succeed. Always. When set a task, when being punished, when making changes to make her life better. Why would I ever want anything else. I want her strong, sure and confident. And to me that also means successful.

After all, I can spank her, use her and fuck her whenever I want. The point of tasks is to help her. Help her with her submission. Help her with things she wants to get better with. To help her live the life she desires.

That means her successes are ours and her failures are ours as well. After all is she to blame if I am a poor teacher? I am supposed to be the one responsible for her at the end of the day.

The point of D/s for me is to make us all that we can be. Not just to have her serve me but to find what makes us happy. how we fit and what things we will learn about ourselves and each other along the way, Our journey has just started and it is already a success as far as I am concerned.

So I will remind her if I think she has forgotten a task. I want her to be proud of what she has accomplished. I know that I am always proud of her. She works hard at her tasks and gives a great deal of thought to us and all of what we are to each other. I couldn’t ask for more. Together we are a success


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